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ARAX and LCC Leading the Way with Financial Innovation in Democratized Life Settlement Contracts

ARAX & LCC leading the way in DeFi

ARAX and LCC Deploy Its Ecosystem in a Fully Transparent DeFi Solution with a Real-Time Tokenized Life Settlement Bond Value Investment Index.

Arax Holdings Corp (OTCMKTS:ARAT)

TALLAHASSEE, FL, USA, February 28, 2024 / -- ARAX and LCC Deploy Core Blockchain and Its Ecosystem in a Fully Transparent DeFi Solution with a Real-Time Tokenized Life Settlement Bond Value Investment Index in a jointly owned Solutions Provider, VERAT LLC

This article explores the Core Blockchain ecosystem, including CorePass, Ping Exchange, Core Tokenization, Smart Contract Platform, Core Digital Asset Management Platform, and Core Regtech Solutions. It discusses their role in decentralized finance (DeFi) and Fractional Life Settlement Bond Platform, with real-time valuation by Longevity Capital Company (LCC).

The article highlights how these platforms redefine finance through the integration of advanced tech solutions, programmable money (PBM), and regulatory compliance. It examines the VERAT partnership's goal to provide legal infrastructure solutions for various industries and individuals, emphasizing transparent investment opportunities in life settlement bonds.

The article discusses VERAT technologies' potential and challenges, offering solutions in trade finance underwriting, DeFi-based stable token offerings, and transparent investment platforms.

In closing, it outlines a roadmap for the second version of the VERAT Platform, aiming to integrate life settlement bonds into financial instruments for streamlined interactions and innovative investment opportunities.

Keywords: Life Settlement Bonds, Core Blockchain, CorePass Digital Identity, Smart Contracts, DeFi, Tokenization, PBM.

A Paradigm Shift in Transparent Investment and Finance
ARAX's Core Blockchain ecosystem and LCC's Real-Time Life Settlement Valuation Platform are transforming the current financial paradigm. ARAX and LCC are teaming up to launch an innovative, first-of-its-kind life settlement fintech ecosystem called VERAT LCC. This groundbreaking partnership introduces the two companies' network of integrated platforms, including LCC Algorithmic Real-Time Portfolio Valuation, Core Blockchain Smart Contract and Tokenization Platform, CorePass, Ping Exchange, Core Digital Asset Management, Digital Attribute Platforms, and Core Regtech. Together, they are revolutionizing the landscape of compliant financial ecosystems and infrastructure solutions in the digital age.

Real-World Implementation of the VERAT Ecosystem
Core Blockchain: Trustworthy Real-Time Data Analytics
The Core Blockchain consists of cryptographically linked data blocks within ARAX's Core Blockchain EcoSystem. The ecosystem grants users access to the complete transaction history via a decentralized ledger, which allows the possibility of building solutions like transparent and accountable real-time data analytical platforms that provide trustworthy predictive analytical solutions, a perfect match for Fintech and investment management infrastructure solutions. The architecture employs various peer-to-peer (P2P) nodes for cryptographic transaction validation, eliminating the need for a central authority. The Core Blockchain technology, rooted in a peer-to-peer network, operates independently of centralized control. Transactions are recorded using a cryptographic hash value as a trust mechanism. Each transaction is logged in a block with its hash value and the preceding block's hash value. Advanced ED448 encryption safeguards the decentralized Core Blockchain system, enhancing security through a sophisticated "proof of distributed efficiency network," an improved evolution of the conventional Bitcoin "proof of work" technology.

Core Blockchain Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT):
Core's blockchain-based Accounting Information System (AIS) and Business Intelligence (BI), developed on the Totams platform, is a first-of-its-kind feature due to its ability to organize information and big data in a decentralized, distributed, and shared chain of blocks. This information and data can be sorted into hashed events and fingerprinted data blocks that merge off-chain cloud platforms into a blockchain network, creating a dynamic balance of on-chain and off-chain database management platforms. Managed by multiple users, these platforms operate within Core Blockchain's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network, referred to as Core's blockchain-based Accounting Information System (AIS). AIS is developed on the Totams platform and is a first-of-its-kind feature due to its ability to organize information and big data in a decentralized, distributed, and shared chain of blocks. This information and data can be sorted into hashed events and fingerprinted data blocks that merge off-chain cloud platforms into a blockchain network, creating a dynamic balance of on-chain and off-chain database management platforms. Managed by multiple users, these platforms operate within Core Blockchain's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network, referred to as Core Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Within the Core Blockchain Enterprise DLT Network, transactions are entered and securely stored in a distributed ledger. This transparent system is accessible to all relevant parties, including regulators, auditors, and users, each possessing an identical copy of the ledger for maximum transparency and accuracy.

CorePass: Digital Identity Evolved
CorePass transforms identity authentication by merging verifiable digital attributes with blockchain-based digital identities by harnessing Core Blockchain's distinctive security capabilities. This simplifies KYC and AML compliance while facilitating smooth financial transactions for digital asset management and settlement.

Core Tokenization and Smart Contracts: Asset Management
Leveraging Core Blockchain's robust YLEM platform for smart contracts, the Core Blockchain CBC20 standards, Tokenization, and Smart Contract Platform offer a secure foundation for the fractionalization of real-world assets such as bonds and financial instruments like Life Settlement Bond investments and a PBM platform for settling reverse auction offerings of life insurance policies. It will enhance liquidity for individual life insurance policy sellers, democratize access to investment opportunities, and revolutionize asset management through DeFi initiatives.

Core Purpose Bound Money Platform (CT-PBM): Perfect Solutions for Bond Originators, Fund Administrators, and Managers

Expanding the potential of our proposed investment management infrastructure, VERAT integrates the Core Blockchain Ecosystem's Business Intelligence toolset (CT-EBI). This comprehensive platform not only offers asset verification and real-time valuations to its clients, such as Bond Administrators but also extends to asset management platforms. Seamlessly connecting with CorePass, it modernizes financial industry infrastructure, promoting shared digital asset management and settlement. This integration fosters innovation in regulatory-compliant financial investment opportunities, primarily driven by two significant elements:

Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts are self-executing autonomous programs built on the consensus of the network participants and users VERAT serves in its platform. The Core Smart Contract Platform offers comprehensive compliance with self-executable instances across the digital fund management value chain. This includes automated securities transfer and settlement in addition to decentralized compliance. Adhering to the CBC20 Token Standards ensures the secure tokenization of real-world financial assets.

CBC20 Tokens
The CBC20 Token Standards introduce the functionality and features of WrappedToken, EquivalentToken, CheckableToken, and BountiableToken contracts, culminating in a dynamic and multifaceted token standard. By consolidating various functionalities into one Standard, the CBC20 Token serves as a more versatile solution for blockchain projects. It provides advanced token attributes, such as value stability, improved transactional capabilities, and incentive mechanisms, catering to diverse project requirements.

Furthermore, the CBC20 Token Standard bolsters security by facilitating offline transactions and mitigating cyber threats. Its incentivization structure rewards users for blockchain activities, and its upgradable nature affords future adaptability for off-chain cloud platform integration, ensuring compatibility of any technological advancements in future software developments.

CBC20 Tokens Key Attributes
Facilitate the wrapping and unwrapping of another CBC20 token, which could, e.g., represent fingerprinted data bundles for off-chain cloud platform integration.
Incorporate real-time external price feeds to uphold value equivalence, apt for data analytics platforms and algorithmic investment portfolio predictions.
Enable the issuance and cash-out for controlled token allowances and settlements.
Implement a system to assign and execute token bounties for broker rewards and external fee structures.

Ping Exchange: Trading Efficiency at its Peak
Designed to cater to novice and seasoned traders' needs, Ping Exchange exemplifies Core Blockchain's power to create versatile platforms for exchanging tokenized real-world assets securely and efficiently.

VERAT Life Settlement Management Platform
VERAT's Life Settlement Management Platform enables clients and institutional users to create tokenized fractional life settlement investment instruments distributed among investors via private placements, auctions, or public offerings based on regulatory compliance. These tokens are then listed on the Ping Exchange for secondary market trading, enhancing liquidity for token holders.

Fractionalizing open-ended life settlement investment funds into tokens transforms traditionally illiquid assets into easily transferable units, streamlining the marketplace.

With its embedded tokenization system, VERAT aims to revolutionize liquidity transformation in the life settlement bond industry, making it more inclusive for smaller investors by reducing capital investment requirements and expanding the investor base beyond large financial institutions.

Real-Time Valued Financial Instruments: Transparent Real-Time Data Analytics
VERAT's digital Life Settlement platforms will be developed using the Core Blockchain Ecosystem and the CorePass Digital Identity platform. It will present users with a streamlined dashboard designed for various functions. These include those wishing to tender their life insurance policies, financial institutions and individuals seeking to acquire policies and construct a compliant structured life settlement bond, and those interested in participating in or establishing an underwritten DAO-based DeFi project. These instruments will be converted into tokenizable, regulation-compliant asset-backed securities on the VERAT Platform. This allows owners to list the compliant tokens on Ping Exchange's secondary trading market.

Key Takeaways of the VERAT Life Settlement Platform
Digital treasury teams and fund managers can utilize VERAT's streamlined dashboard for on-demand portfolio valuations and predictive performance analytics for cash and investment workflows.
The VERAT dashboard will offer fully integrated modules, facilitating real-time financial and liquidity monitoring and streamlining investment and accounting workflows.
In the second version of the platform, VERAT token holders could attain real-time straight-through processing using the Core Digital Asset Management Platform's (CT-DAMP) extensive API and Oracle library. As part of this, tokenized automated deal tickets will be generated using XCB as underwriting, ensuring the creation of a series of transactions for operations using the Core DAO's Liquidity Staking and Treasury Modules, which will be deployed later in 2024.
Enhanced competitiveness: The platform’s real-time analytics will empower businesses to swiftly adapt to market shifts, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge. With instant access to performance reports, organizations will be able to refine strategies in a timely manner while fund managers optimize bond performance in real-time, ensuring investments align with market dynamics for maximum returns.
Accurate insights: Real-time analytics prioritize immediate analysis, ensuring focused outcomes and preventing time wasted on irrelevant data collection.
Cost-effectiveness: Despite the upfront investment, the ultimate advantages of real-time technologies make them a financially savvy choice in the long run. These technologies also ward off delays in resource allocation and information congestion, further enhancing their value.
Swift outcomes: Instant data classification enables efficient queries and rapid data processing, facilitating quicker trend predictions and decision-making.

Blockchain and Asset Management on the VERAT Life Settlement Platform

Leaders in the investment management industry have responsibilities beyond troubleshooting daily issues. They need to take proactive measures to secure the future of their firms in a highly competitive environment, implementing innovative and optimized investment solutions for their financial resources.

The VERAT Life Settlement Platform offers a unique blockchain-based asset management solution that empowers investment managers to have greater control over their clients' portfolios and deliver better returns. At the same time, these investment funds, using the VERAT Platform, have access to cherry-picking opportunities in bond and investment origination, a platform that utilizes blockchain technology's secure and immutable nature to streamline data management, improve transparency, and reduce operational costs.

By leveraging VERAT's life settlement tokenization process, investment managers can provide their clients with direct access to various alternative assets, such as life settlement policies and fractionated live settlement bonds. These assets offer attractive returns with low volatility compared to traditional financial instruments, making them a valuable addition to any investment portfolio as these asset classes are, in general, not linked to market forces.

Moreover, the VERAT Life Settlement Platform automates many manual processes to manage these alternative assets, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. This not only saves time but also reduces risk.

By significantly improving asset management value chains and opening the door to previously unheard-of levels of resource optimization, VERAT technology, which will be built on the Core EcoSystem, is poised to transform the life settlement sector. Consider the following: Verified VERAT platform users with a CorePass digital identity tied to their financial and transaction history can authorize creating a new account 24/7. A smart contract is triggered by this action, which searches records and then approves account opening.

Upon eligibility assessment, the account opening documents are securely displayed to the customer on their VERAT Dashboard or directly on their smartphone. All details and records in the form of digital attributes, such as the time and date stamp, location, and e-signature, are securely hashed in the Core Blockchain. The app efficiently oversees the financing of the new account through an automated DAO payment or securities transfer system.

At the same time, blockchain and smart contracts revolutionize private equity fund administration by managing capital resources on the CT-DAMP and Core RegTech Platform. This programmable and automated DAO process minimizes risk, requiring human intervention only when necessary.

ARAX and LCC have collaboratively established VERAT, a corporate venture with equal ownership dedicated to advancing a range of products that capitalize on the combined intellectual property of both entities. This strategic alliance is driven by the goal of developing a blockchain-enabled, fully transparent, real-time investment platform that targets Tier 3 assets.

With this article, we aimed to provide an in-depth exploration of the growing significance of decentralized, tokenized solutions within the life settlement industry, framed within the context of Core Blockchain and ARAX’s suite of platforms. By leveraging DeFi principles and harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology through Core EcoSystem and CorePass, we can unlock a myriad of innovative financial opportunities. This journey towards reshaping the financial landscape is open to all enthusiasts, scholars, and academics, inviting them to join ARAX and LCC teams at the Blockchain Hub.

Together, we aim to explore the realms of wealth creation and financial freedom, embracing the decentralized revolution as we lay the groundwork for a prosperous future filled with unparalleled rewards and opportunities.

As a first step towards this future, we would like to invite you to read the full story HERE, where we delve much deeper into the complex innovations of VERAT and the Core Blockchain.

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